Manage Schools

You can view your Testwise account details in the Manage Schools area.

You can make changes to some of the information displayed on this screen. Any changes you do make here will affect all Testwise users in your organisation. This includes the Account Name, which appears on every screen on your platform and the Account Logo, which can be displayed on the cover page of reports.

Account details contain two different types of information:

  • Account Contact Details - These can be used to identify and contact your organisation, if required. These details include Account Name, Customer ID and Key Contact Email.
  • Report Details - These will be used each time a Report is generated. These details include Academic Year and Account Logo. 

Note: You can only access the Manage Schools functional area if you have the relevant user permissions. The School Administrator user role can access this area, but the Teacher role does not have access to this area.

How to view or change your account details

1. Click on the Manage Schools  button on the home screen.

2. Some fields can be updated, while some can only be viewed. Read-only fields will be greyed out, while editable ones will not.

3. Make changes to any of the available fields. Fields available vary depending on your school location and type.

4. When you have finished viewing or changing information on this page, click on the Save button. Any changes you have made on the page will now be saved.

5. To return to the home screen, click on the Home button.