Create Users

You can create a new user whenever you want to allow a new person to access the Testwise platform.

When you create a user:

  • It is added to the Users List, so you can view or modify their details at a future date.
  • The newly created user receives an email with the subject 'New User Profile', which contains an Activate Account link. When the new user clicks the Activate Account link, the 'Reset Password' screen is displayed. Here, they can change their password to one of their choosing, rather than using the one that the System Administrator or School Administrator would have assigned to their user.

Note: You can only access the Users functional area if you have the relevant user permissions. The School Administrator user can access this area, but the Teacher user does not have access to this area.


How to create a new user

1. Click on the Users button on the Testwise home screen. All existing users will be displayed in the Users List.

2. Click the Add User button . The 'Add User' screen will be displayed.

3. Enter details of the new user in the boxes displayed. See Understand User Details for guidance about the type of information you can enter in each box. If the email address is already in use, you will be alerted but able to continue.

4. Once you have finished entering user details, double-check that you have entered information in all mandatory fields, otherwise you will not be able to complete the process. You can identify mandatory fields by finding field names that have an asterisk displayed next to them. For example, if 'Email' is a mandatory field, then it will be displayed as Email*.

If a red warning triangle appears alongside a field, hover your mouse over the triangle to read the error message. Change the information you entered in that field to ensure it contains information that will be accepted by the system.

5. When you have finished entering all required user details and no red warning triangles are appearing on the screen, click the Save button.

A green 'User Successfully Created' message will appear in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

You will now be able to see the newly created user at the top of the Users List.

Note: If you selected the Test Taker role, then the new user will appear in the Students List. It is not recommended that you select the Test Taker role for a new user.

6. To return to the home screen, click on the Home button.