Close Sittings

You can close a live Sitting at any time and for any number of reasons, including the following:

  • The Sitting was created in error and is no longer required.
  • You do not want the credits that will be used for the Sitting to be deducted from your total credits at the time.
  • A Sitting has started and you know that one or more of the Students will not be logging into the Test Lobby to take their test(s), and you want the credits for these students to be returned to you.

The following will occur when you close a Sitting:

  • All the credits for all the tests that students have not yet started will be returned to the total number of credits available to you.
  • All unused access codes will be disabled, which means they can no longer be used by Students to log into the Test Lobby.
  • Students who have already started their tests will still be able to complete their tests after the Sitting has been closed.

Once you have closed a Sitting, you can no longer view or change its details. 

How to close a Sitting

1. Click on the Sittings button on the home screen. All existing Sittings are displayed in the Sittings List. See Understand the Sittings List for information about each column that is displayed here.

2. Find the Sitting with the Students who will no longer be taking their tests and whose credits you want to have returned to you.

3. Click on the Progress button next to the Sitting Name. The Student Progress screen displays details of how each Student is interacting with the platform.

4. Ensure that the status of the Student users who will not be taking the tests is 'Not Started'.

5. Click on the Close Sitting button .

6. Click Yes on the confirmation message.

The Sitting List will now be displayed and the status of the Sitting you have just closed will be 'Closed'.

This means you cannot edit this Sitting or view any access codes for it. Any Students who have already started their tests in this Sitting can continue with the testing process. 

7. To return to the home screen, click on the Home button.