Re-testing with the Screener

The Dyslexia Screener is intended as an initial screener, to identify pupils who may have dyslexic tendencies. It is therefore not designed to be used more than once with any one person. However, there may be exceptional situations in which reliable, full data are not obtained on the first test occasion; for example, because a pupil falls ill, is called away during testing or fails to make a serious attempt. These situations should be avoided, if possible, by careful assessment of the pupil’s wellbeing prior to testing and appropriate pre-test talks. However, if they occur, the following can be done. If a test were not completed, a pupil can re-enter the test as soon as possible after the first attempt and redo the sub-test that was not finished, then do the remaining sub-tests. If a pupil was highlighted on their first report as responding too quickly(via an asterisk), they probably did not take the test seriously, so can be offered another chance to redo the whole test, once their commitment has been secured. In this case, recall of the first attempt, and therefore any increment from practice, is likely to be negligible.

If you wish to re-test pupils after a programme of remedial instruction, it is advisable to leave as long a period as possible between the two administrations, i.e. at least six months and preferably 12 months. This will ensure that any score improvements can be attributed to genuine improvements in the pupil’s abilities and skills, rather than a practice effect resulting from memory of the previous attempt.

To resit the entire assessment you will need to create a completely new sitting for the pupil. If you wish to compare their results from the first and second sessions, please ensure you have saved a report from the first test.