Introduction to Dyslexia Screener


The Dyslexia Screener aims to highlight varying degrees of dyslexic tendencies, so that you can identify and offer help to individuals. It can be used from age 5 to 16+ and has been standardised to make the results accurate and reliable.

The six-test model covers three areas, with two assessments for each:

Ability Tests

The ability tests address different aspects of general problem solving ability.

Missing Pieces assesses how well a pupil can recognise similarities, differences and relationships in shapes and designs.

Vocabulary assesses the pupil’s knowledge of word meanings.

Diagnostic Tests

The diagnostic tests sample the information-processing efficiency in two domains – processing of the sounds of words and perceptual speed.

Word Sounds assesses how well a pupil can identify individual sounds from within words.

Visual Search assesses the speed at which a pupil can process simple visual information.

Attainment Tests

The attainment tests are of reading and spelling, particularly word-level processes.

Reading assesses how well a pupil can recognise spoken words and select the correct word to complete sentences.

Spelling assesses how well a pupil can select letters, correctly spelt words and parts of words.