Further CAT4 Training: Senior Leaders

This online self-guided course is designed for leaders in schools currently using CAT4 and who wish to:

  • Gain confidence in order to develop a school-wide strategy for the effective use of CAT4 and other assessment data
  • Develop understanding and skills to take the lead in training and upskilling key colleagues in using data e.g. other Senior Leaders, Heads of Year, Heads of Subject, Head of Inclusion and class teachers
  • Build tools to develop an assessment strategy to support school self-evaluation and school development plans, leading to school improvement

Week 1

  • Action plan development
  • Exploration of stakeholder engagement and the possible different “lenses” for use of CAT4 data in your school
  • Best practice review from school case study

Week 2:

  • The senior leader lens: responsibilities and reporting
  • Value added tool
  • Exploration of relevant case study content

Week 3:

  • The middle leader lens: responsibilities and reporting 
  • Exploration of relevant case study content

Week 4:

  • The classroom teacher and additional educational needs lens: responsibilities and reporting
  • Exploration of relevant case study content
  • Developing the whole student view

Week 5:

  • Developing an assessment strategy with a whole school approach
  • Planning the school assessment calendar
  • Summary of learning

Course format

  • The course lasts five weeks and requires a commitment of up to four hours per week
  • The course is self-guided meaning that you can schedule your activity at times that are convenient for you
  • Your active completion of all modules and assessments is a pre-requisite of certification

Why attend?

  • An opportunity for Senior and Assessment Leaders to review data from their own school
  • To evaluate current use of data across the whole school and staff data practices
  • To read and listen to case studies from other international schools
  • To determine an assessment strategy for the school that will be effective in supporting all students to reach their potential

Who should attend?

  • Senior leaders, Assessment Leaders
  • Schools that are new to CAT4 testing, or new leaders from established users of CAT4

Event details

The training course is on demand and will last five weeks. It requires a commitment of up to four hours per week, through an online portal. This course is self-guided so participants can schedule their activity, and work through modules, at times that are convenient for them.

The course is priced at a cost of £150 per delegate.

The course is now open to registrants. Once you have registered, you will be provided with access to the online portal. Registration is ongoing and you can choose your own start date.


Please note that we recommend you complete Stage 1 and Stage 2 of CAT4 training for senior leaders before booking your place on this course.

Fill in the form below to register your interest for stage 3.