Whole School View (WSV)

Whole School View

The Whole School View (WSV) lets you navigate CAT4, NGRT, PASS, PTE, PTM and PTS data. You can view data from prior academic years using the Academic Year sliders. This works independently of the other assessments, for example, if you go to the NGRT summary section and select a different year, the other summary sections will not be affected.

Filters in WSV

You can apply the following filters to the visual on WSV:

  • Gender selection
  • Year group/grade
  • FSM/Free and Reduced Meals
  • EAL
  • SEND – displayed as yes/no
  • Group Name

If you want to remove an individual filter selection, click the eraser button at the top right corner of the relevant field.

To reset all the filters click the  button at the top right.

Navigating to Whole Pupil View

There is an Individual Student Search bar that allows you to select an individual student and see their information. Once you have selected a student, click ‘Go’ Go button to enter the Whole Pupil View. There is a search functionality that allows you to search for students through their name or unique identifier.


The Individual Student Search bar itself does not filter any data into WSV. The filters on WSV allow you to filter out options into the search bar dropdown menu.