Navigation and Functions

Navigation Buttons

In the header area you will find a number of navigation buttons: 

and direct you back to the previous page within the Dashboard. 


The Filter area is where you can apply all applicable filters to the current view. All filter values reflect the current student data entered under the Students section within Testwise. The filters you see will depend on whether you are in Whole School View or Whole Pupil View.


Bookmarks allow you to save the current view of the report (Page and filters applied, including Academic Year sliders in Whole School View). Click the Bookmarks button and a menu will appear asking you to either create or view My Bookmarks.

If you click ‘Create Bookmark’ you will be asked to provide a name for the bookmark and a description:

If you click ‘My Bookmarks’ a new menu will let you Delete, Download or Apply your saved bookmarks:

Full Screen and Zooming

You can manage the report zoom and enter/exit the full screen mode through the button available at the bottom right.