Training for schools in the UAE

CAT4: Getting more from your data

In this webinar, our GL Education data expert looks to further your knowledge and understanding of the CAT4 assessment and how to utilise the data to improve student outcomes. 

This webinar is aimed at those who would like to:

  • Improve their knowledge of CAT4
  • Learn more about reporting, data, and how CAT4 can impact teaching and learning in the classroom
  • Support parental engagement with CAT4, including helping them understand what it is and how to effectively use the Parent Report

NGRT: Using data to support literacy

In this webinar, our GL Education data expert looks to give you strong knowledge and understanding of the NGRT assessment and how to use it in conjunction with CAT4.

In this webinar, we outline:

  • The basics of the NGRT, helpful for those who would like to improve their knowledge of NGRT
  • How NGRT can be used to support literacy skills across the curriculum
  • Using NGRT alongside CAT4 data to effectively understand your students’ potential ability and literacy attainment

PASS: Identifying learning and wellbeing priorities

In this webinar, our GL Education data expert explores your immediate needs on transitioning back to in-person learning and how the Pupil Attitudes to Self and School (PASS) survey can help you address them. 

We cover how to understand and use the survey, specifically: 

  • What PASS is, including the 9 standardised factors
  • How to understand the reports and data
  • Using the PASS interventions
  • Triangulating PASS and CAT4 data to identify ‘fragile learners’

We offer a range of training courses to support schools in using individual assessments as well as in analysing data from a wide range of tests to gain greater insight.