Frequently Asked Questions

Can the PT Series assessments be taken on an iPad or a tablet?

No, the PT Series assessments are currently not compatible with iPads or tablet and must be administered using a desktop computer or a laptop only. You can find out more about the Testwise minimum system requirements here.

Data Sharing Agreement and Declaration of Use

​All schools that carry out testing in the UAE are required to sign and return a data sharing agreement. This enables us to share assessment data with school inspectors and regulators to support school evaluation. Bespoke inspection reports cannot be shared with you until we have received a signed agreement. Please note that all testing data (including archived data) will be shared with the regulator.

Complete Data Sharing Agreement here.

If you have any queries about data sharing, please contact us on [email protected]

We are offering our students the choice of attending lessons in school or continuing to study from home. How should we administer assessments in this situation?

We recommend that schools organise dedicated assessment days for students who are studying at home to allow them to carry out formal assessments in school. This may involve additional social distancing measures or timetable changes but ensuring consistency of testing conditions for all students will simplify the analysis of data across cohorts and help the identification of each student’s learning priorities.

Can we conduct your assessments remotely for students studying at home?

No. As with any high stakes standardised assessment, all of our assessments (including the Cognitive Abilities Test, the Progress Test Series, the New Group Reading Test and the Pupil Attitudes to Self and School) should be undertaken in school under controlled testing conditions in order to replicate the conditions in which the assessments were standardised. They cannot be undertaken remotely. This is to maintain the integrity of your assessment data as remote testing does not provide the same secure and stable testing environment you have at school. If you have any particular queries regarding remote testing, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]m.