Placement Test will not be available after 3 December. Contact [email protected] for support
Please note: Each student will need a computer and a mouse. All equipment needs to be in good working order.

The Placement Test is used to support admissions and placement decisions in schools, and/or as a part of developing individualised welcome and school introduction plans for new students. It can be taken at any point of the year.

The test consists of three test batteries: literacy, non-verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning. The reasoning tests are timed at approximately 2 x 10/15 minutes each, both comprising two sections. The literacy battery is untimed. In total, the test takes approximately 1.5 hrs. It is possible to arrange for breaks to be taken between the different test batteries, or to administer the test in up to three separate sessions.

There are different test levels for different age groups. Please ensure that a correct level is administered as the scores are age standardised.

*The correct test level is assigned based on the child’s age in full years.

**Children within the standardisation age range will receive reliable scores from the test, in the event there is a need to deviate from the age recommendation.