About PhAB and PhAB2

What are PhAB and PhAB2?

The Phonological Assessment Battery (PhAB) and Phonological Assessment Battery 2 Primary (PhAB2) are standardised tests developed by researchers and psychologists. These tools are used to assess phonological processing – skills necessary for reading and spelling.

The tests can be used from age 5-14, depending upon the version selected, and can guide appropriate interventions or further investigation to help improve underlying literacy skills.

Why Use PhAB or PhAB2?

The PhAB and PhAB2 tests allow you to accurately identify areas of difficulty related to phonological awareness in order to plan appropriate interventions. They are an ideal follow-up assessment for pupils with low scores in phonics screening or literacy tests.

The PhAB2 Primary has a free to access online reporting tool allowing you to analyse an individual’s profile.

Features of PhAB and PhAB2

  • 20-30 minutes to complete
  • Suitable for 5-14 years
  • Comprehensive assessment of phonological skills
  • Appropriate for use with EAL students
  • Online reporting tool available (PhAB2 only)