Supporting adults with dyslexia

Recommendations for supporting specific strengths and challenges experienced by adolescents and adults with dyslexia can be found in section 6 of the administrator manual. There are some general considerations that can be made for those in education or employment:


  • Review admissions, administrative and examination procedures
  • Review course content, including work placements
  • Modify physical features and premises
  • Provide additional learning opportunities
  • Adapt communication and reporting approaches
  • Provide alternative information and recording formats
  • Provide additional assistive equipment


  • Provide additional training
  • Allocate tasks appropriate to strengths
  • Audit workplace systems and practices
  • Acquire additional assistive equipment
  • Modify communication procedures and written materials
  • Allow work absence for special tuition in literacy
  • Raise awareness of dyslexia across the workplace
  • Create a culture of confidence