Available SEN, Ethnicity, and Nationality Values

When importing batches of students using the spreadsheet templates, values need to be entered exactly as they appear in the list below in order to be accepted by the system. For example, if you want to enter Any other Asian Background for a student's ethnicity, you will need to type:

'Any other Asian Background (AOTH)'

in full into the relevant cell. 

If you want to enter more than 1 SEN or Ethnicity value on the student page then you will need to use the pipe symbol ( | ) to add a secondary value. E.g. Dyslexia|SED1.

The SEN or Ethnicity values must match a value from the lists below.

Any incorrectly entered value (Spelling error or not on the list) will not be accepted by the system. Ethnicity can include several characteristics, such as race, language, and religion. Nationality usually implies that a person is from a specific country, or a territory dominated by a certain ethnic group. Therefore, we have introduced the ‘Nationality’ field to our import templates for schools to be able to differentiate between the two. Our tables below explain which values can be entered for these fields, depending on what values the school has entered prior to the platform upgrade. Set SEN values can also be seen on this guidance sheet.

SEN Values

Autistic spectrum disorder (ASD)
Hearing impairment (HI)
Moderate learning difficulty (MLD)
Multisensory impairment (MSI)
Physical disability (PD)
Profound and multiple learning difficulty (PMLD)
SEND support but no specialist assessment of type of need (NSA)
Severe learning difficulty (SLD)
Social, emotional and mental health (SEMH)
Specific learning difficulties (SPLD)
Speech, language and communication needs (SLCN)
Unknown SEND
Visual impairment (VI)

Ethnicity Values

Any other Asian background (AOTH)
Any other Black background (BOTH)
Any other ethnic group (OOTH)
Any other mixed background (MOTH)
Any other White background (WOTH)
Bangladeshi (ABAN)
Black - African (BAFR)
Black - Caribbean (BCRB)
Chinese (CHNE)
Gypsy / Roma (WROM)
Indian (AIND)
Information not yet obtained (NOBT)
Not Specified
Pakistani (APKN)
Refused (REFU)
Traveller of Irish heritage (WIRT)
Unknown Ethnicity
White - British (WBRI)
White - Irish (WIRI)
White and Asian (MWAS)
White and Black African (MWBA)
White and Black Caribbean (MWBC)

Nationality Values

Afghan Gabonese Omani
Afghani Gambian Pakistani
Ålandic Georgian Palauan
Ålandish German Palestinian
Albanian Ghanaian Panamanian
Algerian Ghanian Papua New Guinean
American Gibraltarian Paraguayan
Andorran Greek Peruvian
Angolan Greenlander Pitcairn Islander
Anguillan Greenlandic Pole
Antarctic Grenadian Polish
Antiguan Guadeloupean Portugese
Argentine Guamanian Portuguese
Argentinean Guatemalan Puerto Rican
Argentinian Guinean Qatari
Armenian Guyanese Romanian
Arubian Haitian Russian
Australian Hayastani Rwandan
Austrian Herzegovinian Rwandese
Azerbaijani Honduran Sahrawi
Bahameese Hong Konger Saint Helenian
Bahamian Hungarian Saint Lucian
Bahrainian Icelander Saint Vincentian
Bajan Icelandic Saint-Pierrais
Bangladeshi I-Kiribati Salvadoran
Barbadan Indian Salvadorean
Barbadian Indonesian Salvadorian
Barthélemois Iranian Sammarinese
Basotho Iraqi Samoan
Batswana Irish Sanmarinese
Belarusian Israeli Sao Tomean
Belgian Italian São Tomean
Belizean Ivorian Saudi
Beninese Jamaican Saudi Arabian
Bermudan Japanese Scottish
Bhutanese Jordanian Senegalese
Bolivian Kazakh Serb
Bosnian Kazakhstani Serbian
Brazilian Kenyan Seychellois
British Kittian Sierra Leonean
Bruneian Korean Singaporean
Bulgarian Kuwaiti Slovak
Burkinabe Kyrgyzstani Slovakian
Burmese Laotian Slovene
Burundian Latvian Slovenian
Cambodian Lebanese Solomon Islander
Cameroonian Liberian Somali
Canadian Libyan South African
Cape Verdean Liechtensteiner South Korean
Caymanian Lithuanian Spanish
Central African Luxembourger Sri Lankan
Chadian Macanese Sudanese
Chilean Macedonian Surinamer
Chinese Mahoran Surinamese
Christmas Islander Malagasy Swazi
Cocos Islandia Malawian Swede
Cocossian Malaysian Swedish
Colombian Maldivan Swiss
Columbian Malian Syrian
Comoran Maltese Taiwanese
Congolese Manx Tajikistani
Cook Islander Marshallese Tanzanian
Costa Rican Martinican Thai
Croat Martiniquaís Timorese
Croatian Mauritanian Tobagonian
Cuban Mauritian Togolese
Curaçaoan Mexican Tokelauan
Cypriot Micronesian Tongan
Czech Miquelonnais Trinidadian
Dane Moldovan Tunisian
Danish Monacan Turk
Djibouti Mongolian Turkish
Djiboutian Montenegrin Turkmen
Dominican Montserratian Turks and Caicos Islander
Dutch Moroccan Tuvaluan
Ecuadorean Mosotho Ugandan
Ecuadorian Motswana Ukrainian
Ecudorean Mozambican Uruguayan
Egyptian Myanmarese Uzbekistani
Emirati Namibian Venezuelan
Emirian Nauruan Vietnamese
English Nepalese Vincentian
Equatoguinean Nevisian Virgin Islander
Equatorial Guinean New Caledonian Wallisian
Eritrean New Caledonians Welsh
Estonian New Zealander Western Saharan
Ethiopian Nicaraguan Yemenese
Falkland Islander Nicoya Yemeni
Faroese Nigerian Zambian
Fijian Nigerien Zimbabwean
Filipino Niuean  
Finnish Ni-Vanuatu  
French Norfolk Islander  
French Guianese North Korean  
French Polynesian Northern Irish  
Futunan Northern Mariana Islander