Managing student records

Before you can administer any of the products on GL Ready, you will need to add students to the student list.

Students are added from the Manage students page (

Adding students individually

You can add students individually by clicking on the New student button and completing the form.


  • The gender field can be left blank.
  • The date of birth needs to be entered in the correct date format (dd/mm/yyyy).
  • It is very important that the date of birth is correct.
  • The Student ID can be the student’s Testwise ID (if they have one), their UPN (if they have one) or a unique ID that is relevant to the school for that pupil.

Adding students in batches

You can add students in batches by clicking on the Import students button and following the instructions on the page.

A template CSV file is available for download from the page. The template shows you the information that you can enter for each student, with sample data already completed for guidance.

Replace the sample data in the template with your student information.


  • Don’t make any changes to the column headings.
  • The dates of birth need to be entered in the correct date format (dd/mm/yyyy).
  • Gender can be marked as M/F or Male/Female or it can be left blank.

Make sure that the information is complete and accurate.

Save the file as a CSV UTF-8.

You can do this from an Excel spreadsheet by following these instructions:

  1. Select File
  2. Select save as
  3. Select CSV UTF-8 from the drop-down menu

To upload the students entered in your CSV, click on Choose file or Browse, navigate to the CSV file you saved on your computer and click Open, thenclick on Upload.

If all the students have been successfully uploaded, you will be taken back to the Manage students page where you will see a confirmation message.

All the students from the CSV will now be included in the student list.

If the CSV contained any errors, you will be shown a list of the lines that brought up errors and a description of the error type.

Types of errors:

  • Duplicate students based on name, student ID, date of birth and gender.
  • Wrong format for gender.
  • Wrong date format for the date of birth.

It is very important that the date of birth of each student is entered correctly as the GL Ready products and subtests that are made available to students and the norms that are applied in their reports are determined by their age.

Editing student information

You can edit a student’s details by clicking on the icon to the right of their name. This will bring up the Edit student button. Once you have made all necessary amends, click on Save.

Once you have made all necessary amends, click on Save.

Please note, because the tests are age sensitive it is imperative that the student’s date of birth is correct. If the student’s date of birth is amended after they have sat tests their responses will be deleted, and the student will need to sit the tests again. This is to ensure the student’s results are appropriate for their accurate age.

Filtering student records

To filter the list of students alphanumerically, click the column heading titles Name Age Gender Last activity as shown in the screenshot.

Deleting student information

It is important to note that deleting a student’s records completely erases all data – there is no way to retrieve deleted data.

Ensure you have saved any required reports before proceeding to delete.

You can delete a student’s records by selecting the Edit student button next to the student’s name.

In the edit student form select Delete student.

A confirmation message will “pop up”. Confirm you want to delete the student’s record by clicking Delete