Cambridge Assessment - Exam Access

There are two types of additional arrangements available if you are using exams from Cambridge Assessment. Access Arrangements, and Centre-Delegated Access Arrangements.

Access Arrangements
When applying to CiE for additional arrangements for your students, you need to submit Access Arrangements: Preparation – Form 1 along with evidence to demonstrate that the student has a ‘history of need’ that justifies the application. Many of our assessments and screeners, including Exact, and CAT4 can be used in this supporting evidence.

The deadlines for these applications are
June series – 21 January
November series – 1 July

Centre-Delegated Access Arrangements
For the arrangements listed below, you don’t need to apply directly to CiE, but you will need to complete Centre-Delegated Access Arrangements: Preparation – Form 4, and keep a copy on record, along with evidence from assessments such as Exact, to justify the need for the arrangements.

  • extra time up to 25% (not permitted in syllabuses where time is the focus of the exam)
  • reading pen
  • separate invigilation
  • prompter
  • transcript
  • word processor
  • reading aloud
  • supervised rest breaks
  • coloured overlays
  • visual aids, for example, magnifying glasses
  • colour naming

You can find more information on CiE’s website