When to test with Rapid

When in the school year?

Rapid can be taken at any time in the school year when concerns arise.

If you are predominantly interested in looking into Dyslexia, we would recommend administering Rapid first, to provide an overall probability of Dyslexia, before following up with CoPS (4-7) or LASS 8-11 for a more in-depth diagnostic look at a child’s profile.

Timing of the session/s

The three subtests take about five minutes each, meaning the whole assessment can easily be completed in 15-20 minutes.

Retesting with Rapid

Very occasionally, teachers may consider retesting a student with Rapid after they have already been tested on it before. Although there may be a valid motive for wanting to do this, generally it is not a good idea because the results of a retest could be misleading.

For further details about why retesting is not generally recommended as well as possible exceptions where re-testing might be considered acceptable, please see the User Manual available in the Downloads section.

Please note that retesting will overwrite the student’s previous results.