When to test with PhAB or PhAB2

When in the school year?

The assessment can be used at any point during the school year when concern arises.

It may be preferable initially to prioritise pupils for whom you or your colleagues may have concerns about in terms of their progress in literacy.

Timing of the session/s

PhAB – 6 subtests can be completed in about 15-20 mins

PhAB2 – 10 subtests – can be completed in about 25-30 mins

Retesting with PhAB or PhAB2

Should you wish to retest, teachers are advised to ensure a minimum of 6 months between testing to allow for progress. This would likely mean (depending on the point of the year when the first test is administered) that no more than two tests are completed within any given year.

Assuming the bullets below are met, if concerns remain after a second assessment, it may be appropriate to consider referral to an external agency as the pupil would appear to be resistant to intervention.

  • the assessor followed guidance for administration and is comfortable that the results are an accurate reflection of abilities
  • and that evidence-based intervention is implemented (in response) to target specific challenges after the first administration
  • context has been considered beyond PhAB/PhAB2 assessment data alone (other screeners and/or qualitative data)