Quick data guide

Level 1 Analysis 

  • Whole cohort analysis 

Level 2 Analysis 

  • Analysis by PASS factor 
  • Analysis by gender
  • Analysis by year group 
  • Analysis by ethnic group, FSM status, SEN status, EAL status and two custom groups 
  • Analysis by year group and gender 
  • Analysis by ethnic group and gender 

Level 3 Analysis 

  • Individual profiles 
  • Item level analysis 

For each group (Level 1 and 2 analysis), two types of information are presented: 

Non-standardised, or percentage, scores are the results of the survey from the school alone and do not include any comparisons with other schools. They are useful for the senior leadership team within the school to obtain an overall view of how students feel about the school as a whole, what they are satisfied with, and where they feel there is room for improvement. Percentage scores are shown in the bar charts. This score is particularly useful when comparing two consecutive surveys to measure change over time. 

Standardised percentile scores provide a measure of how the whole school, its cohorts (by year groups, gender and ethnicity) and its individual pupils are doing compared against a national standardisation. 

A simple, visual check of the traffic light ratings in your PASS report will flag the most vulnerable students who may benefit from pastoral intervention. Your Excel Report will allow you to sore and filter your data with ease. 

For information on the analysis of your data please see Understanding your data.