Frequently Asked Questions

Can you send me the list of questions for NGRT Digital?

Because the digital version of NGRT is adaptive to the student, the questions will not be the same for every student therefore we cannot send a list of definitive digital questions.

Where can I find Administration instructions for NGRT?

For NGRT digital please see our crib sheet for digital testing.

For NGRT paper please refer to the Teacher’s Guide (available as a one-off purchase).

How do I choose the right NGRT test level or form?

Choosing a test level is only necessary if you are taking the paper version of NGRT. NGRT digital is adaptive and the test will automatically select the appropriate questions for the student being tested. For a guide to NGRT paper levels please see the Choosing a test type and level section. 

There are three forms (A, B and C) and students can be tested with any of the three forms. However please make sure that you do not re-test the same student with the same form within the same academic year. Use a different form each time to re-test students whilst they are still in the same academic year.