What happens on the day?

Key Points

  • Recall takes 20–30 minutes to complete however no time limit should be imposed
  • Each student will need a computer/laptop, headphones and a mouse
  • Ensure that distractions are limited and that students are appropriately engaged
  • Make sure to check minimum system requirements compatibility and sound volume


Setting Up

All administration instructions are incorporated into the test program but please introduce the test session and check that students understand the instructions and the method of answering by walking around the room as they work through these parts of the test. 

  • Be sure the testing room is comfortable 
  • Place a ‘Testing – Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door 
  • Try to forestall any interruption of the testing session by visitors or announcements 
  • Ensure all students are comfortable and prepared before beginning the test 

Please close all other applications before starting the test as these can interfere with the timings and recording of results.

Time needed for testing

Recall takes 20–30 minutes to complete however no time limit should be imposed – children should be instructed to complete the tasks in their own time.


The subtests can be completed in any order, but students generally find the word recognition test quick and easy to complete which may provide greater confidence and engagement for the remaining tasks.

Instructions are spoken by the computer, and each test commences with a practice or demonstration of the task. Most students will experience no difficulties in understanding what is required of them, however, where necessary, further clarification can be offered during the practice sections - once the test items commence no further aid should be given to the student.

For the assessment to be ‘fair’ and data reliable, it is essential to ensure that during the test:

  • the student is paying attention and trying their best
  • the student does not become unduly fatigued
  • that feedback from the supervisor is minimised and encouragement limited to task completion rather than task accuracy

Where the teacher suspects that a student may not be well motivated to complete the test, or may be easily distracted, supervision may be necessary. If the results are being used to apply for exam access arrangements, the test should be supervised by a specialist assessor.