Understanding your data

Data and scores

The data is reported using three measures (further information can be found in the administrators manual).

  • Standard scores (and 90% Confidence bands) – displayed in numerical and graphical format*.
  • Centile scores
  • Age equivalents

*Bar charts are coloured coded. For Single Assessment Reports: blue for standard scores of 85 or above and red if below 85, indicating that the result is a matter of concern.

The report also includes measures of:

‘Working Memory Composite’ - an overall measure of general working memory functioning which combines the scores of the three subtests.

‘Working Memory Processing Speed’ - a measure of speed of processing derived from the Counting Recall

‘Memory Span’ - a measure of the number of items of information that the person can hold in memory at any given time. 

Interpretation of Scores

For students with below average working memory, where standard scores are below 85, it may be appropriate to consider a full and detailed assessment of a child’s working memory and related skills that could be an indication of a specific learning difficulty. In such cases it is also necessary to explore strategies to reduce the impact of a poor working memory on learning activities.