Pre-testing essentials

Test environment

The ideal testing environment is reasonably quiet with minimal distractions. The test has been designed for use in an ordinary classroom. Visual and auditory distraction should be minimised, for example by positioning the student away from others in the classroom and by using headphones (not the type that are inserted into the ear).

The student should be sitting comfortably at a suitable level in front of the screen.

Please note that each test contains audio instructions. If you intend to administer the product to multiple students in one room, every student will need access to a pair of headphones.

For further details please see the User Manual in the Downloads section.

Before the session begins

Assessing students with LASS is straightforward, but before you attempting to test students, teachers should first run through the complete suite of tests to familiarise themselves. The best way to do this is for the teacher to add themselves as a student on the platform and run through the subtests.

Ensure the student/s understand the nature of the task, how to indicate responses, and when to respond. It is usually not necessary for students of this age to be closely supervised while attempting the tests, unless the teacher has a particular reason to do so. Students should not be allowed to take the subtests if they are unwell.

Setting up

The teacher or supervisor should check that the screen is clear, and the colours correct, that the sound is audible and that any other equipment, e.g., mouse, is functioning correctly.

Time needed for testing

The full suite of eight subtests should take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

In cases of time shortages, there are some useful strategies in the User manual available in the Downloads section.

Essentials for digital testing

Please check the minimum system requirements here to ensure system compatibility.

Materials to prepare:

  • Computer or a laptop, headphones and a mouse