Installing LADS Plus application on the server

IMPORTANT! Please install the application on a locally attached disk (such as C:) which hosts a Windows operating system. The database itself must be installed onto a local physical hard drive and NOT a networked drive.

1. Before you set up a Test or Administration Station you should log on to the server with the Administrator account.

2. From the LADS Plus CD’s Start-up menu screen (see below), select “Install LADS Plus application on server”.

3. Simply follow the installation instructions in the setup program which will be launched. You will be asked where you wish to install the application. A default path on the C: drive is shown but you can change using the browser as shown in the example shown below:

4. Once the installation has finished, launch the LADS Plus Reports and Admin application with the filename below:


This application then runs the Database Installer Tool which attaches the SQL database.

This step is covered in the next section of the guide.