Typed dictation texts for FORM B

FORM B – Typed text


My name is Ben and I live in the country. If I want to see my mate Joe, I have to ride my bike, because he lives 2 miles away on a farm.

They have a quad bike there for looking after the sheep, and we are allowed to ride it all round the place. We have made a track over a hill, through a wood and down the side of a field to the farmyard. At the end, there is this really sharp bend between a combine harvester and a derelict tractor, where it is very bumpy and I usually fall off.

Yesterday I completed the course in 4 minutes 20 seconds, which is a record. I almost fell off at the last corner, but I managed to hold on to the handlebars, run beside the bike for a few paces and jump on again. It was like you see the bobsleigh teams do on TV.

Normally if you let go of the throttle, the bike just stops. However last week when Joe came off, it jammed open and the bike went at full speed into some hay bales. Luckily it wasn’t damaged and we didn’t let on to his dad what had happened.

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FORM B – Handwritten text

The Lock

Sam was 14 and he knew it all.

When the family went on the river in a long boat, Sam told them what to do, even Mum and Dad. He told Rose and Jamie not to fall in the water, and Mum how to push off the boat. He even told Dad where to steer.

When they got to the first lock, Sam knew how to work it. They tied up just below it, while Sam and Mum opened the gates and Dad took the boat into the lock. Then they closed the sluices on the lower gates and opened the upper ones.

Sam showed Rose how to wind up the sluices with the big handle on the top of each gate. He stepped back to watch her and lost his balance on the narrow footway, falling backwards into the lock with a tremendous splash. Dad fished him out with the boat hook. He was filthy, wet and furious, but everyone else just laughed including the lock keeper, and people from two cruisers.

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