Frequently Asked Questions

I want to use the tests in the Portfolio but don’t have a recent general ability score for my pupils. Does this matter?

The Portfolio tests may be used with or without a general ability score. However, the model for identifying dyslexia depends on comparing ability with attainment and processing skills so without the inclusion of the general ability score you will not be able to make such an identification. The secondary use of the Portfolio is the assessment of more general literacy-learning difficulties and for this a general ability score is not necessary. An Ipsative report will be produced looking at an individual’s relative strengths and weaknesses and thereby highlighting the areas where remediation is most urgent.

I have a general ability score from last term; can I use this when generating the Portfolio report?

Yes, as long as the test was administered within the last year it can be included.

I have generated a report but the Dyslexia Index is blank – why is this?

See FAQ1 above.

If you have a general ability score you can add this in by going to ‘Previous Report’ clicking on the edit icon next to the report and adding the standard score and name of the assessment before creating the report again.

Can I use just a selection of the short tests from the Portfolio?

To obtain a full report – graphical and narrative – all tests must be administered. A partial report will be the outcome of part-testing.

Do I have to administer all the sub-tests in one session?

The Portfolio has been constructed to give maximum information from a time-efficient test session. During the research phase sessions on average took 40 minutes. However, if for particular reasons this time is inappropriate for some pupils the session may be split. It is recommended that no longer than two weeks elapse between the two sessions.

How long do reports remain on the Portfolio Report Generation Tool?

Fifty (50) days.

How secure are the reports saved on the Report Generation Tool?

The reports are secure – only the person with the log-in and password for the individual computer on which they are stored can access them – however, it is recommended that they are saved to a different, secure location for additional security.

Can I re-run reports?

Yes. There is an edit facility under 'Previous Reports' and by clicking on this the teacher is able to correct any errors and re-run the report which will be saved separately.

I would like to be able to give parents information based on the Portfolio assessments. Can this be done through the Report Generation Tool?

A parent/carer -friendly report can be generated through the Report Generator Tool.

I have a report with a Dyslexia Index A (no dyslexia) but the Ipsative report shows weaknesses in reading and spelling even though the standard score is average. Why is this?

The Ipsative graphic shows relative weaknesses and is based on the mean score for all the tests. So if the mean score is 117 (average) and the score for, let’s say, Single Word Reading, is 110 (also average) then this will show as a relative weakness. You may decide not to take any further action in such a case

How soon can I retest with the Dyslexia Portfolio?

We recommend a minimum of 12 weeks between test sessions. However, if you need to re-test due to the student falling ill during the test or because the test was interrupted for any reason (for example a fire alarm), then the particular subtests affected can be re-administered as soon as convenient.