Downloads - International

CAT4 Quick Start Guide

A 10 page guide that details the benefits of CAT4 and how to begin analysing your data from the reports:

CAT4 Quick Start Guide

Communicating with parents

Parent letter templates to be edited by school pre-CAT4 and post-CAT4 assessments taking place:

CAT4: Letter Templates

A PowerPoint presentation to be used by school staff to enable them to feel confident in their discussions about CAT4 with parents:

CAT4: Communications with Parents – Advice for Schools

A PowerPoint presentation that can be used by staff to support discussions with parents at events such as parents’ evenings:

Understanding CAT4 for Parents

Using CAT4 for Admissions

A short guide that is aimed at non-teaching, admissions staff to enable them to identify key information from the CAT4 reports:

CAT4 Guide to Admissions

International Guide to Reports