BAS3 Scoring and Reporting

Scoring and analysing the British Ability Scales: Third Edition (BAS3) can be a time consuming and complex task, however, with the introduction of our new BAS3 online Scoring and Reporting Service (SRS), the conversion of BAS3 scores is made quicker, easier and less prone to errors, with the added benefit of  automatic reporting. All BAS3 customers, whether as an individual or as part of their group service, will receive FREE access to the new online Scoring and Reporting Service on purchase of the complete set.

The new service is a major element of BAS3, as it replaces the normative tables that could be previously found in the British Ability Scales: Second Edition (BAS II) manuals. For those customers whom still have a need or preference to complete scoring by hand, all the tables needed for scoring BAS3 are provided in the SRS in downloadable format. These can be printed off or saved onto a computer.

The Scoring and Reporting Service is split into two levels:


Level 1

The first level is available to all users free of charge. Following simple data entry, this level allows users to generate an instantaneous Results Summary, which shows a child’s scores on all the scales administered. This level also allows access to the norm tables for any users who prefer to hand score their results.


Level 2

The second level is available to users who have paid an annual licence fee. For this fee, users can generate unlimited quantities of two types of additional report – a Parent Report and a Psychologist Report. More reports may become available in the future. The licence fees for access to these reports are featured in the listing to the right.

The online Scoring and Reporting Service generates a variety of reports, listed below.


The reports at a glance

  • Results Summary – a precise and clear report showing basic scores and comparisons
  • Parent Report – an easy-to-understand report written specifically to help parents understand the overall testing process and the resulting scores
  • Psychologist Report – a more technical and detailed report, including interpretative and comparative analyses for use with more complex cases.

Why use the BAS3 Scoring and Reporting Service?

The benefits of using the NEW online BAS3 Scoring and Reporting Service include:

  • Scores are calculated quickly and accurately, reducing the amount of errors known to be made when scoring by hand
  • The instant generation of a variety of comprehensive reports (outlined above), enabling analysis to be carried out immediatly and intervention strategies put in place
  • Reports can be customised for individual and local needs through free text entries, allowing users to include their own interpretations and comments
  • Any necessary updates to the system can be made quickly and efficiently by GL Assessment with minimum disruption to the user.



If you want to use the BAS3 Scoring and Reporting Service (SRS) to upload test answers for online scoring and you are concerned about data protection issues, when you obtain parental consent for administering the test, you can also gain consent for uploading and scoring in SRS, should you feel this necessary. To put parents’ minds at rest, you can also make it clear that GL Assessment will only have access to anonymised data. We will post some suggested wording on our FAQs that may help with obtaining parental consents.

GL Assessment only has access to anonymised data because all that is input into SRS is a child’s raw score data. There is nothing that GL Assessment can do to identify the child personally. All score data will be stored in SRS by GL Assessment against a numerical identifier, an ID number, but only the Educational Psychologist who carries out the test will know which ID number relates to which child (and which set of results). GL Assessment never has the information to make this link, nor does it ever want access to it.

How to register

Once a BAS3 Complete Set has been purchased, both you and your organisation will need to register as a user of the SRS. You can do this by:

  • Completing the BAS3 Scoring and Reporting Service Registration Form included within your BAS3 Complete Set and returning this by post to: CUSTOMER REGISTRATIONS, GL ASSESSMENT, FREEPOST LONDON 16517, SWINDON, SN2 8BR.
  • Completing an electronic version of the BAS3 Scoring Registration Form. This can be requested by email from
    [email protected]. Please return to the same email address.

The BAS3Scoring and Reporting Service Registration Form asks you to complete the following details:

  • Organisation name, address and account number (if known).
  • The name, position, email address and telephone number of the principal psychologist within the organisation. This ensures we have a main contact for the account.
  • The name, position, email address and telephone number of all the qualified psychologists within the organisation who need access to the BAS3 SRS.

Please remember to:

  • Print all information clearly and in capital letters (if filling the form out by hand).
  • Wait until you have the details for all your psychologists before sending the form. It is easier for us to create user accounts once we have all the information to hand. 

Once we have received your BAS3Scoring and Reporting Service Registration Form, we can create an account for your organisation and add users to this account. Your login is your email address and you will be sent an email (entitled 'Testwise Report Generator Tools - Password request') containing a randomly generated and unique password. This will allow you to access the SRS. Should you not receive your login password by email, please check your spam folders in case they have been sent there.

Note: Only qualified psychologists who are registered with GL Assessment as a qualified test user will be allowed access to the SRS.