Independent assessors, private tutors and universities

Independent assessors, private tutors and universities

Tutors who are not affiliated with a school must provide proof of a teacher qualification and membership of, or association with, recognised professional educational boards relevant to the required assessment, to order with us.

Qualified tutors not affiliated with an educational board or membership

The below assessments can be purchased by qualified teachers who are not subscribed to any educational boards or memberships. For these, a teacher qualification certificate must be provided:

  • Dyscalculia Screeners and Guidance
  • Dyslexia Screeners and Guidance
  • Emotional Literacy

Qualified tutors affiliated with an educational board or membership

In order to purchase any assessments, the below assessments, tutors must provide proof of membership of, or association with, a recognised educational board relevant to the required assessment such as PATOSS or AMBDA. For queries, please contact [email protected] or [email protected].

  • Wordchains
  • Dyslexia Portfolio
  • Neale Analysis of Reading Ability
  • YARC: Early Years, Primary & Secondary

Individuals may be able to purchase items outside this list above based on full consideration of qualification details provided. Universities or organisations looking to use our assessments for research should contact [email protected].


As well as creating an online account, all customers must provide qualifications for online orders to be dispatched. This is a one-off process and, in most cases, will be completed without us needing to contact you, but we may ask you to demonstrate your qualifications if you are new to GL Assessment. The information you provide enables us to identify which assessments you are eligible to purchase and administer, so please provide as much detail as possible. Copies of qualifications must be produced and failure to do so will delay the process of your application. For international customers, equivalent accredited international qualifications are accepted.

Job title




This individual must provide qualifications of the person that will be administering the assessment.

Educational Psychologist



Clinical Psychologist



Neuro Psychologist

MSc Clin NeuroPsych


Health Psychologist



Trainee Psychologist

Trainee psychologist qualification


Speech & Language Therapist

MSc in SLT


Occupational Therapist

MSc in OT




GMC Reference number



GMC Reference number



GMC Reference number

Specialist Teacher

Qualified teachers with specialist SEND qualifications or training, who are not ordering our assessments on behalf of a school.

Independent Tutor

Teacher qualification certificate (e.g., QTS)

Please note that some of our assessments which require qualifications cannot be sent to a home address.  If you have any queries, please contact [email protected] or [email protected].