This is a test of visual sequential memory based on symbol sequence. The scenario is that a girl called Zoe has a secret language and she wants to see if the student can remember her letters. Zoe will show the student some of her letters and the student has to remember them in sequence. The student demonstrates by choosing the correct ones from the full set of letters. Once the student has chosen the symbol(s) they have to confirm their selection by pressing on the green arrow (see Figure 22). The student may change their selection by clicking on the shape which they wish to change and it will be removed. They must then re-select their new choice.

The teacher should ensure that the student knows that the correct order of symbol presentation must be replicated, not simply to remember the symbols shown and replicate them in any order. The test phase is preceded by a practice phase. Throughout the subtest, target stimuli are randomly selected from the complete array of eight symbols shown in Figure 22.


Figure 22. ‘Which shape did you see?’