About the subtests

The nine subtests in the CoPS suite are listed in Table 3. Rabbits, Crayons, Toybox and Letters are predominantly visual in their task requirements. However, students can (and many do) use verbal strategies for some of these visual tests, e.g. saying the names of the colours to themselves in Crayons or Toybox, or inventing ‘names’ such as ‘bird’ or ‘table’ for the symbols in Letters. Letter names involves visual and verbal elements equally, whereas Races, Rhymes and Wock are fundamentally verbal in their task requirements, even though they are presented in a visual manner.

Each subtest is preceded by verbal instructions delivered by the computer, followed by a practice phase in which the student is told by the computer how to play the game. Although these procedures are usually sufficient to enable the student to understand the test requirements thoroughly, it is nevertheless worthwhile for the teacher to prepare the student for the task by explaining the scenario of the game, which is described in the following sections.


Table 3. The nine subtests in CoPS

All subtests are preceded by a practice phase, and some provide a demonstration also. The practice item(s) will be repeated if the student gets them wrong. The teacher should help the student to understand the requirements of the subtest by explaining the scenarios of each subtest to the student. These scenarios are described in the following sections. Most of the subtests contain a number of levels, with the levels administered being dependent on the student’s age and performance on the subtest.