Post-testing essentials

Welcome to PASS post-testing essentials training!

This training covers four key points in 30 minutes to ensure you are confident in your post-testing strategy:

  • A review of PASS, including the 9 factors & the PASS intervention cycle
  • The various types of data provided and different levels of analysis
  • The PASS interventions: how to access them and successfully integrate them into your student’s learning journey
  • A look at the continued support GL Assessment offers post-testing

Book an Assessment Insights consultation

For further post-testing support, we highly recommend booking in a free one-to-one data consultation with our Assessment Insights Education Advisers to help you maximise insights from your assessments. Please click here to find out more and to book your consultation. 

Please note, if your school is part of a multi-academy, please contact your dedicated Educational Adviser. If you are unsure of who you are Educational Adviser is, feel free to use the above form and we will be in touch.