National Agenda Testing in Northern Emirates

Guidance for testing with GL Education’s assessments is set out below along with recommendations for additional assessments that will help schools in developing a more complete picture of their students’ learning needs.

Testing window

The testing window for CAT4 testing opens on 29th August and closes on 30th November 2021.

The testing window for Progress Test Series testing opens on 3rd April 2022 and will close on 30th June.

Ability testing with CAT4 – academic year 2021/22

The window for CAT4 ability testing will be 29th August 2021 – 30th November 2021. 

The MoE has instructed schools to test with CAT4 this academic year in order to attain a reliable measure of their students’ ability. Testing with CAT4 will provide you with a unique profile of your students’ strengths and areas for development, ensuring that you know your students’ potential and can therefore set challenging but realistic targets.   

The mandated grades for CAT4 testing are grades 3, 5, 7 and 9 or years 4, 6, 8 and 10.  

Refer to the table below to identify the appropriate test for each year.

CAT4 Level Grade Year
X 1 2
Pre-A 2 3
A 3 4
B 4 5
C 5 6
D 6 7
E 7 8
F 8 /9 9 / 10
G 10 / 11 11 / 12


Benchmark testing with the PT Series – academic year 2021/22

Which students to test in April/June

  • Grades 3, 5, 7 and 9 or
  • Years 4, 6, 8 and 10

Refer to the below table to identify the appropriate test for each grade / year. 

To support schools in the Northern Emirates, our Progress Tests in maths, English and science have been mandated by the MoE for schools following the UK and IB curriculums. 

Attainment testing at the end of the academic year 2021/22 should take place between 3rd April and 30th June 2022.

Year (UK) Grade (IB, Others) Level: Progress Test Maths Progress Test English Progress Test Science
2 1 7 7 n/a
3 2 8 8 8
4 3 9 9 9
5 4 10 10 10
6 5 11 11 11
7 6 12 12 Not Required
8 7 13 13 13
9 8 14 14 14
10 9 15 15 15


Individual student example

A student who is in Year 6 for academic year 2021-22 should sit the level 11 tests in April-June 2022.

Please note: The PT Series assessments are currently not compatible with iPads or tablet and must be administered using a desktop computer or a laptop only. You can find out more about the Testwise minimum system requirements here:


Data Sharing Agreement and Declaration of Use

All schools are required to sign and return a data sharing agreement. This enables us to share assessment data with school inspectors and regulators to support school evaluation. Bespoke inspection reports cannot be shared with you until we have received a revised agreement (signed after September 2020). Please note that all PT Series test data (including archived data) will be shared with the regulator.

Complete Data Sharing Agreement here

If you have any queries about data sharing, please contact us on [email protected]

Updating Student Records

During registration, schools must clearly identify all Emirati students. Click here for further guidance on how to achieve this on the Testwise platform.


We offer a wide range of online training courses to support schools in using individual assessments as well as in analysing data from a wide range of tests to gain greater insight. With options including timetabled presentations, moderated courses with flexible working and completely self-guided content it’s easy to find a course that suits your needs and schedule.

This year we are also offering a range of training opportunities for schools in the UAE. These are available for you to register now and will cover:

Testwise: Updating for the new academic year

PASS: Identifying learning and wellbeing priorities

CAT4: Getting more from your data

NGRT: Using data to support literacy

Find out about all our other training courses here.

Product Support

Technical Support

During the testing window we will be extending our office hours between 29th August and 30th November 2021. Our additional hours will be as per the below (all times are GMT):

Technical Support

Telephone: +44 (0)330 123 5375 (option 3, then option 1)

Email: [email protected]  

Sunday: 5.30am – 2pm (GMT)

Monday – Thurs: 5.30am – 5pm (GMT)

International Customer Support (advice on testing or buying tests):

Sunday-Thurs: 7:30AM-4PM (GMT)

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How to order

Email [email protected] with your testing requirements.