Completed Orders

Cancelled/failed orders

There are a number of reasons why we cancel an entire order. The most common reason is because the billing address details provided by the customer do not match the details that the customer's bank has on record for them.

Please make sure that that the billing address you provide is the address that the card is registered to. Once an order has been cancelled it cannot be reactivated. Please place a new order making sure all address details are correct.

Cancelled Order Charged

As with the majority of online retailers, once you have entered your payment details your bank will place an authorisation against that full order amount in your account. This will show as a pending amount on your statement but will not actually be taken by us.

As soon as we cancel an order we automatically send information to your bank to ask them to release any outstanding authorisation. This process will take up to 5 days depending on your bank's procedures. For orders placed from overseas this may take longer. Please contact your bank for details.

Returns and Refunds

Sales are made in good faith. If you wish to request a return, please call us giving your account number, invoice date and number and reason for return. Goods returned must be in ‘resaleable condition’. Unauthorised returns and returns after 14 days of invoicing will not be accepted.

Customers who are VAT exempt or zero-rated must provide copies of appropriate documentation, endorsed by Customs & Excise, in order for VAT not to be charged on consumable product.

Please note, some of our products are non-refundable once we have processed your order. These are Dyslexia Screener Downloadable Version and Dyscalculia Screener Downloadable Version.