Verbal Reasoning

What is verbal reasoning?

Verbal reasoning questions assess reasoning ability with words which represent objects or concepts. Scores in verbal reasoning usually reflect students' ability to use words as a medium of thought.

They may be used as part of a stand-alone verbal reasoning test, or form part of a more comprehensive test of general developed abilities such as the Cognitive Abilities Test. 

The Verbal Reasoning questions in the trial are made up of two tests, verbal analogies, and verbal classification. 

Verbal Classification

In the Verbal Classification test, each question presents three words that are all similar in some way. Students need to identify the conceptual link between the three words and then select from a list of five further words the one which best fits with the first three. 

Verbal Analogies

In the Verbal Analogies test, each question presents a verbal analogy in the form of 'A➡B: C➡_'. Students need to work out how the first pair of words is related to each other, and then select from five answer options the one that completes the second pair.