Use of VR Digital

Verbal Reasoning (digital only) will not be available after 3 December. Contact [email protected] for support

VR Digital is available at three levels of difficulty, aimed at pupils of the approximate ages indicated in the table below.

Level Age Group England & Wales Scotland Northern Ireland
VR 8&9 7:03 to 10:03 Year 3-4 Primary 4-5 Year 4-5 (P4-P5)
VR 10&11 9:03 to 12:03 Year 5-6 Primary 6-7 Year 6-7 (P6-P7)
VR 12&13 VR: 11:03 to 15:03 Year 7-8 Secondary 1 Year 8-9 (F1-F2)

Table 1.1 – Level of difficulty

There is a slight age overlap between the different VR tests. In general, the tests are most suited to pupils of the age indicated in the test title, but as there is a slight overlap with the test above and below (in the case of the upper two tests), in some instances you may have a choice of two tests for any one pupil. If in doubt, pupils of borderline age who are expected to be low scoring should take the test for the younger age range, whereas able pupils should take the test for the older age range.