Verbal Reasoning (digital only) will not be available after 3 December. Contact [email protected] for support

The VR Digital tests are timed. They should be preceded by the separate Familiarisation Test for each level that is designed to help the pupils understand all the different types of questions that appear in the main test and familiarise themselves with the approach of the digital test. The Familiarisation Test should be carried out one or more sessions earlier in the day or on the day before the main test. You should use this in the way you think best, but it is important to ensure that, as far as possible, pupils understand the instructional rubrics and examples before they attempt the questions.

The test timing is controlled by the computer and a countdown clock is displayed throughout each test. If pupils finish the test before the allotted time is up, they are invited to check the answers given.

The test timings are as follows:

Test Time
VR 8&9 40 minutes
VR 10&11 45 minutes
VR12&13 50 minutes
VR 8&9 Familiarisation Test  
VR 10&11 Familiarisation Test allow c. 30 minutes, but not timed
VR 12&13 Familiarisation Test