The test environment

Verbal Reasoning (digital only) will not be available after 3 December. Contact [email protected] for support

Each pupil will need a computer, headphones (for the introductory screens) and a mouse, plus rough paper for working out. All equipment needs to be inworking order. Please collect the rough paper at the end of the test.

Pupils should be told that they are going to take a test and the purpose of it should be explained: ‘to find out what you can do or where you may need help ’or ‘to let your teacher next year know what you can do’. Pupils should be told that they must work in silence, and that if they have a query they should raise their hand and wait for the teacher to approach them. Answer any questions at this stage and explain that you cannot help with any of the test questions, but that they should try to do their best and at the end go back to check their work.

While pupils are taking the test, the teacher should walk around the room to check they are progressing appropriately, that they are not having difficulty with the methods of answering questions and, importantly with digital tests, that they have not rushed through the test without attempting to answer questions.