Study skills

Students with dyslexia need help to develop good study skills. Their weak memory, general disorganisation, poor literacy skills and difficulties with learning makes studying hard for them and they typically under-perform in tests and exams. Memory weaknesses can be addressed with various activities (see Developing auditory memory and Developing visual memory), but computer programs such as Mastering Memory are a good way of developing memory skills. When learning for tests or revising for exams, all students (but especially those with dyslexia) need a structured approach that optimises their recall of information. The program Timely Reminders provides an excellent basis for this and enables the dyslexic student to adopt a well-organised and more effective approach to learning and revision. Useful books to help dyslexic students develop study skills are: Dyslexia: A teenager’s guide by Sylvia Moody [Vermilion, 2004], Mind maps for kids: Study skills by Tony Buzan [Harper Thorsons, 2008] and Study skills for students with dyslexia by Sandra Hargreaves and Jamie Crabb [Sage, 2016].