Jamie [14 years 4 months]

Jamie has always been a difficult student. At primary school he was not rated as being particularly bright, but his learning was also hampered by poor attention together with hyperactive tendencies. At secondary school he had settled down considerably and his concentration was noticeably improved (albeit with occasional dramatic lapses and aggressive confrontations with teachers and other students). Recent results of a cognitive abilities test given to the whole school year suggested that Jamie’s intelligence had been seriously underestimated. This caused his teachers to re-evaluate his continuing underperformance in literacy work and query the possibility of dyslexia. Rapid was administered, and the results are shown in Figure 24.

Figure 24. Rapid results for Jamie

Rapid rated Jamie as having a ‘high’ probability of dyslexia. The test results show that his phonological processing ability is very poor, and his auditory sequential memory is almost as weak. Jamie’s phonic decoding skills are somewhat better, although still lower than would be expected for a student of above-average intelligence. It is likely that he has been able to compensate for his dyslexic difficulties by using his intelligence, and this is reflected in his phonic skills result. Overall, however, when his above-average intellectual ability is taken into account, there is a very marked discrepancy between expected and actual levels of these skills and so the conclusions regarding dyslexia in Jamie’s case are pretty clear. In Jamie’s present educational situation the most important things for him are (a) access to the curriculum (this will require differentiated worksheets) and (b) development of effective techniques for recording his work. Without these two things he will be unable to achieve his potential in forthcoming examinations such as GCSEs.

There are several resources that would be beneficial for Jamie including the following:

● Regular practice using Wordshark 5 or, alternatively, the Lexia PowerUp Literacy computer program would help to develop Jamie’s reading skills.

● Like Nita, his memory skills could be enhanced by using the program Mastering Memory, and the program Timely Reminders would help him to revise material for tests and examinations.

● Use of word processing with additional speech feedback facilities would help Jamie to produce better written work as he could problem-solve his own mistakes; Co:Writer or Texthelp Read and Write are especially recommended.