Jake [10 years 1 month]

Jake is a typical boy who prefers most things to reading and writing. He is good at sports and spends most of his time outdoors playing football, cycling and skateboarding. When he is indoors he is inseparable from his computer games console. In school he is popular but does the minimum to get by in his work. Recent poor school reports have caused his parents to query whether he might have dyslexia and so he was tested on Rapid and the results are shown in Figure 22.

Figure 22. Rapid results for Jake

Rapid rated the probability of Jake having dyslexia as ‘low’. His phonological processing ability and phonic decoding skills are both above average for his age. His auditory sequential memory is a little below average, but by itself this does not give great cause for concern. On the basis of these results, there is no cognitive reason why Jake should underperform in literacy and school work generally. In other words, there is no evidence for dyslexia. Most likely he simply lacks interest in such pursuits and consequently lacks the practice and experience that is essential to develop fluent and efficient reading and writing skills. Jake needs to understand that unless he spends more time reading and writing and puts more effort into his school work generally, he will find the work at secondary school very difficult and slide down to the bottom of the class.

A more detailed understanding of Jake’s case could be obtained by testing him on LASS 8–11, which would also enable regular monitoring of his progress in reading and spelling. If Jake needs assistance in learning material for tests and examinations, the program Timely Reminders would be very useful.