Test preparation

Please note: Each student will need a computer, a set of headphones and a mouse. All equipment needs to be in good working order.

Before the testing session

It is strongly advised that you go to the Testwise website:


Should all students be tested?

The test should be given to all students in the relevant age group/class. However, if the test will cause distress to a student, or you are certain that a student will score no marks at all, then it is not necessary to include such students. Similarly, students should be encouraged to work through all of the test, but where you judge that it would be inappropriate for a student to continue, it is permissible for that student to stop.

Students who are absent on the day of testing may be tested later, if this is convenient for the school.

The administration of the test can be adapted for students with special educational needs or for whom English is an additional language. This includes providing reading assistance for students with literacy difficulties. However, no assistance should be given with any science-based content of the test, including explaining terms, and support provided should not involve rewording the questions as this can mislead students.*



*Scores resulting from such non-standard administration of the test should be considered with caution. However, a standard administration will not give a meaningful result if the student is unable to access the test effectively.



The tests are untimed, but it is anticipated that the students will take about an hour to complete the test.

The test environment

The test must be administered in a formal test environment. Students should be made aware that they are taking a test and that the usual expectations of behaviour and constraints of a test session will be in place.

It is important that the teacher or invigilator is active in ensuring that students are working their way through the test with intent and that there is no talking or opportunity to copy from another student’s work.

Each student will need a computer, a set of headphones and a mouse. All equipment needs to be in good working order.

Calculators are not allowed.

Checklist for testing

Before the test session

Familiarise yourself with these administration instructions.

Provide a computer, a set of headphones and a mouse in good working order for each student.

Allow enough time for the testing session, including settling time for the students

General arrangements for testing

• Be sure that the testing room is comfortable.

• Place a sign on the door: ‘Testing – Do Not Disturb’.

• Try to forestall any interruption of the testing session by visitors or announcements.

• You may want to set up the test session on all required computers in advance.