Paper and Digital Equating study

To verify the digital version, an equating study with students doing both the paper and the digital versions of the tests was carried out in 2012 to see how the scores compared. The results showed that the digital test scores for 6 year old students (Year 1 in England and Wales) were much lower than for the paper version. It may be that the students at this age were having difficulty with using the digital version of the test; for this reason we recommend that the digital version of NGRT is not used by Year 1 students; the youngest recommended year group is Year 2.

There were 1721 students in Years 2 to 10 who did both the paper and digital versions of the test. The adjusted correlation between paper and digital versions after correcting for measurement error was 0.91. Overall digital scores were slightly lower than paper versions; adjustments were made to the scores of the digital version of the test to account for this difference.