Administration Console

Administration Console

Logging in as Administrator will display the Administration console.

Select the option you require from the Option Menu on the left hand side of the console. The main data window will change depending upon which option you have chosen. The 'globe' in the bottom left hand corner indicates if you are connected to the internet or not. If you are not the 'globe' will be greyed out.

Information Screen

The Information screen displays information about the running mode of Lucid Recall. If it is running in normal mode then the screen will look similar to above displaying the licence information.

Student Register

Click on the Student Register option within the menu to display the Student Register Detail screen.

A new installation of Lucid Recall will not have any students defined.

A selection of buttons will be available across the top of the detail screen depending upon what is selected within the detail screen. A tool tip will be displayed when the mouse is hovered over a button.

Add Student

 Edit Student

 Delete student(s)

 Start the Tests for the selected Student

 Import Student(s)

 Export student(s)

 Class Manager

Add Assessor Comment

Adding a Student

Click on the icon on the Student Register Detail Screen to add a new student.

Complete all the relevant fields. When you enter the student's date of birth Lucid Recall will automatically display the student's age.

The password box will automatically be set to the student's Date of Birth. If you wish to set specific passwords uncheck the ‘Use As Password' check box and type your chosen password into the password field.

The Class field allows you to allocate the student to an appropriate group, (see Class Manager).

The UPN field allows you to enter a reference number such as the Universal Pupil Number or one of your choosing.

The Recall Test Components section allows you to select/deselect specific tests for this student.

Click the OK button to add the student to the database or click cancel to discard this student information.

Selecting Students

When students have been added to Lucid Recall they will be displayed in the Student Register Detail Screen. Clicking on one of the students will select that student and make active the appropriate toolbar buttons.

Selecting a student will display any assessments the student has completed in the lower half of the screen.

You can also select more than one student from the list by holding the SHIFT or CTRL keys down. This is useful when you want to delete a group of students or create a student export file.

Filter Students

Clicking on the filter button (funnel icon) will turn the filter on and off. When you type into the student filter text box, the list of students is filtered based upon the criteria you have entered.

Here we have enabled the filter and typed in 'test'. The list of students has been filtered to show only those students that have the words 'test' somewhere in their record. The filter allows you to display a subset of all the student records.

Sort Students

You can sort the students in the Student Register by clicking on the appropriate column heading. Clicking the same column heading for again will reverse the sort order. Here the register is sorted in Class order.

Editing a Student

Clicking on the icon will allow you to edit the currently selected student.

Change the relevant fields and click OK to save the changes to the database. Click Cancel to discard the changes.

Deleting a Student

Clicking on the will delete the currently selected student or students.

Click on the Yes button to confirm the deletion.

Start the Tests

Although students would normally login as themselves to access the tests (see Logging in to Recall), they can also be accessed from the Administrator console.

Clicking on the icon will display the assessment menu for the currently selected student.

When the student has finished with their assessment(s) Lucid Recall will prompt you for the Administrator password in order to return to the Student Register screen.

Retesting a Student

When a student completes all three tests, a new test record is automatically created for them. As you can see in the picture below, this student has completed Lucid Recall four times and they have a fifth session pending. The earliest test (the one at the bottom) was created when the person was first added to the system. Each subsequent test was created automatically by the system after the student completed their previous test. This automatic creation of new tests facilitates the continuous assessment of students.

Import Student(s)

You can create several students at a time by using the student import function. Create a text file or student load file that contains all of the student records that you wish to import. To successfully import these records the text file must be a comma separated variable file using the following fields.


See below for an example of a comma separated data file. Ensure there are no blank lines in the file or this will cause validation errors. The Class field and UPN field can be left blank but the commas must remain.

Click on the icon to locate your student import file. This will display the Import from Student Export File Dialogue, which allows you to browse to the folder where you have created your Student Load file.

Select the file and click the Open button.

Lucid Recall will display a message box saying that records have been imported.

Lucid Recall will also display a message if any errors were encountered and give you the name and location of the error file.

The error file will give an indication of why the record was rejected.

Any students imported will be displayed in the student register.

Export Student(s)

You can also export students to a text file for use within other applications. The export function will export the following fields.


The export file will contain the details of all of the selected students. Please note: Test data will not be exported. The records themselves will still remain in Lucid Recall.

Click on the icon to export students. Select the folder and enter the filename that you wish to export to and click the Save button.

Lucid Recall will display a message giving the location and name of the export file.

Class Manager

The Manage Student Classes function allows you to move students into different classes. You define the classes, so they could match school classes or forms. Or you could group students into performance-based groups or cohorts. This can be useful for managing records especially when testing large batches of students.

Click on the icon. Initially, the screen will display students not assigned to a class.

Select the Source class from the drop down list, if the students you wish to change are already in a class.

Check the boxes of the students you wish to allocate to a new class.

Select a Destination Class from the drop down list or type a new one into the field.

Click the Allocate button, this will copy the students into the right hand side.

Click on the Close button.

To remove a group of students from a class you can either allocate them to a new class or to class ‘None'.

The Student Register Screen should show the students allocated to their new class.

Add Assessor's Comment

An assessor or teacher may wish to add a short comment to be shown in the report of any test that a student completes. Comments can be added to pending assessments prior to the students being assessed or to completed assessments.

To add a comment to a student's test, click on the name of the student (upper panel) and then the test (lower panel) that you wish to comment on, and then press the Assessor's Comment button on the student register tool bar as shown in the diagram below.

Enter your comments and click Save to save you comment to the database. Press Cancel if you do not want to save your comments.