Welcome to Lucid Recall

Lucid Recall is a software application from Lucid Research designed to assess the working memory of children aged between 7 and 16 years.

Recall assesses the following fundamental working memory functions identified by leading international researchers including Professor Alan Baddeley

  • Phonological loop – assessed by a word recall test
  • Visuo-spatial sketchpad – assessed by a pattern recall test
  • Central executive function – assessed by a counting recall test

The three tests have been scientifically developed by Lucid Research in collaboration with Dr Helen St ClairThompson, lecturer and researcher in psychology at the University of Hull, UK. For information on how Lucid Recall was standardised and validated please see the Recall Administrators Manual.

This help file contains detailed information on how to install and use Lucid Recall. Pressing the F1 key whilst using Recall will bring up context sensitive help information.

Please Note: Help will not be available during the assessments.