Evaluation of response to intervention

When a particular problem (e.g. dyslexia) has been identified and intervention, such as specialist teaching, has been implemented, teachers will naturally wish to evaluate the student’s response to that intervention. LASS 8–11 can be used for this evaluation, again bearing in mind that the minimum interval between administrations of any given LASS 8–11 subtest should be about 4 months (i.e. other than in exceptional circumstances, LASS 8–11 should not be given more than once in a school term).

The literacy attainment subtests (Sentence reading and Spelling) are obvious candidates for use in this process, but Funny words / Non-words may also be used to monitor development of phonics skills. It is unlikely that the reasoning subtests would need to be repeated (little change would be expected on these) unless there were suspicions that the first assessment on either Non-verbal reasoning or Verbal reasoning had given an unreliable result (e.g. because the student was unwell, was greatly lacking in confidence, or misunderstood the requirements of the task). The memory subtests (Sea creatures and Mobile phone) would be useful for evaluating growth in memorisation ability, especially where a memory training programme has been used.