Using this manual

Using this manual

Please be aware that in this manual ‘teachers’ is used to refer to anyone who will be administering LASS 8–11.

Using the subtests in LASS 8-11

Before administering any subtest in LASS 8–11 teachers should first read Getting started, Before you begin and Administering LASS 8–11. Together, these provide detailed guidance on how to select LASS 8–11 subtests and administer them.

Interpreting LASS 8-11 results

Before attempting to interpret LASS 8–11 results, and especially when drawing up an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or considering educational provision for any pupil in detail, teachers are strongly advised to consult Guidelines on interpretation of results. Case studies provides case studies in interpreting LASS 8–11 results, which teachers will find very helpful.