Adding students to GL Ready and assigning LASS 8-11

To administer LASS 8–11, first add students to the GL Ready platform.

Students can be added from the ‘Manage students’ page ( either individually, by using the ‘New student’ button and completing the form, or in batches via CSV import by using the ‘Import students’ button and following the instructions on the page.


Figure 1. Adding students

It is very important that the date of birth of each student is entered correctly as the subtests that are given to each student and the norms that are applied in their report is determined by their age.

Once students have been added to the GL Ready platform, assign LASS 8–11 to them.

To assign LASS 8–11 to an individual student, click on the ‘LASS 8–11’ button next to their name.


Figure 2. Assigning LASS 8–11 to an individual student

Two options are given:

  • Start testing the student immediately on the machine you are using (this will take you straight to the student’s session and will log you out of your teacher account) OR
  • Confirm and return to the ‘Manage students’ page. This allows the student to start testing at another time or on a different machine.

To assign LASS 8–11 to multiple students, select the students by ticking the boxes next to their names, then in the group actions above the list of students click on the ‘LASS 8–11’ button.


Figure 3. Assigning LASS 8–11 to multiple students

When a student has successfully been assigned LASS 8–11, an empty circle will appear in the LASS 8–11 button against their name.


Figure 4. Assigned student

For further information about adding students and assigning LASS 8–11, please click here.