Number of subtests to be administered per session

A satisfactory test result cannot be obtained if students are not attending to the tasks and attempting to do their best. However, the LASS 8–11 subtests are mentally demanding and students can easily become mentally fatigued after a few subtests. Their level of effort can diminish significantly, although they may still enjoy the activity. Consequently, it is recommended that not more than three or four subtests are given to a student in a continuous session. This may vary according to the concentration level of the student and other factors. The teacher should use their discretion in these matters.

It is sometimes preferable to spread administration of the subtests over a number of days. This avoids the situation where results may be grossly distorted because a student has an ‘off day’ through illness or some other idiosyncratic reason. Where any individual subtest result appears anomalous or unrepresentative the subtest may be re-administered after a suitable time period has elapsed.