Keeping a comments record

It is recommended that the teacher keeps a brief written record of the student’s behaviour at each time of LASS 8–11 testing, particularly noting such factors as health, tiredness, attention, concentration, distractions and general motivation. A template LASS 8–11 Comments Sheet is provided on the following page. This may be printed out or photocopied freely and used for recording any observations during testing. This record can then be referred to when interpreting the student’s LASS 8–11 profile. The teacher should particularly be on the lookout for colds and coughs, which not only disturb concentration, but which can also affect hearing.

The following are examples of suggestions regarding completion of the LASS 8–11 Comments Sheet:

Testing Room: e.g. ‘quiet room’, ‘classroom – noisy’ (also mention any uncomfortable conditions)

Health: e.g. ‘good’, ‘had bad cold’, ‘coughing’ (also mention any other health factors)

Attention: e.g. ‘good’, ‘fair’, ‘distracted’, ‘tired’

Other comments: e.g. ‘over-confident’, ‘responded very quickly’, ‘nervous at first’, ‘did not understand instructions’, ‘could not hear computer properly’, ‘unconfident – kept asking “Is that right?”’